7 Benefits of Using Malaysian Chauffeur

There are many advantages hiring a chauffeur service like convenience, speed, safety and appearances. Not just that Kuala Lumpur is quite a hectic place to navigate around. That is why you could consider hiring ZD Exclusive on a full time or even part time basis. Not only for your business but also for your personal. We give you 7 benefits of using Malaysian Chauffeur on a daily basis compared hiring a driver.

  1. Driver Salary

By hiring a chauffeur service you don’t have to think about driver salary. Most chauffeur service rates or price is inclusive of everything. Plus you also don’t have to consider driver salary increment and year end bonus. Also Malaysian law requires employer to contribute to employee EPF.

2. Driver Medical

If you employ a driver in Malaysia you must give medical benefits and insurance. When your driver is sick or ill you have to drive on your own or get a taxi. With ZD Exclusive we just send you a replacement driver to ensure your day run smoothly.

3. Car Installment

Chauffeur service can be consider as you are hiring a car rental with driver. Which makes you don’t have to think about paying your vehicle monthly installment to the bank. The rates of chauffeur service always include car and driver.

4. Vehicle Maintenance & Servicing

Engine oil, gearbox oil, timing belt, brake pads and tires should not be running in your head. We at ZD Exclusive always maintain our cars very well. We just not service it on time but we do it regularly for your safety and comfortable journey.

5. Hire when needed

The best part about Malaysian Chauffeur, you can hire when you want to commute. You can try and search for driver agency Malaysia and compare the rates with ours. The advantage with us is that you don’t have to sign a monthly contract or terms. Just WhatsApp us when you need us.

6. Variety of Vehicle

Although our main fleet is Toyota Vellfire, upon request we have many different cars. Which able you to create a lifestyle and the best part you don’t have to own them.

7. Save Money & Less Headache

Definitely you will save money with Malaysian Chauffeur. Like we mention earlier salary, medical, and monthly installment. Also you don’t have to think about petrol , Touch N Go for your tolls, lose change for your parking fees

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